Subjects of my talks

    1. The Life of Jacob Cox, one of the Union’s best “political generals”  and the finest participant-historian of the war.  His two-volume “Military Reminiscences of the Civil War” is considered one of the best-written, most objective, and best-researched memoirs of an active participant.
    2. The Battle of Franklin.  This critical battle in Tennessee broke the back of Hood’s Army of Tennessee.  Cox commanded and set up the defensive line against which Hood battered and destroyed much of his army.  Cox is the “unsung hero” of this battle.
    3. The Battle of Antietam and the Union Command Controversy.  McClellan’s controversial command decisions during the Maryland campaign confused and complicated the “unity of command” and was a key reason why Lee was able to escape.  Another result was that Jacob Cox was unexpectedly thrust into the role of commander of the Union’s left flank, where he performed admirably and came within minutes of sweeping the rebel army from the field.
    4. Jacob Cox and the Creation of West Virginia.  In 1861 and 1862 Jacob Cox commanded a large portion of the Union army which pushed the Confederates out of the area which eventually became the State of West Virginia.
    5. Below is a sample power point of my presentations:
    6. Jacob Cox PDF