Civil War Talks on the Life of Jacob Cox, the Battle of Antietam, the Battle of Franklin, and the War in West Virginia


Recently I published two books which are, in a sense, “bookends of the Civil War’s Hallowed Ground.” That region, between Gettysburg to the north and Appomattox Court House/Bennett Place to the south, saw the major Civil War battles of the eastern front as well as the two most important surrender events.

The two books, the latest volumes in my series, “Civil War Personalities, 50 At a Time,” are titled Civil War Baptism of Fire: First Battle of Bull Run and Civil War Last Rites: Appomattox and Bennett Place.” Bull Run is where it all began; and Appomattox and Bennett Place are where it all ended. The books are now available at:

Christmas Gifting with Civil War Books. Here they are!

I am pleased to see that sales of my books are really picking up for the season. For those who have delayed your purchase, here is a reminder, complete with pictures of the books in my series, “Civil War Personalities, 50 At a Time.” (Those of you from Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee will especially be interested in the books about the men and women from those states). Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Buy them at:

“McDowell Book” Authors and the General Himself

Last Thursday Frank Simione, Dutch Schneider, and I gave our presentation to the Bull Run Civil War Round Table about our book,. “Searching for Irvin McDowell.”

As you can see from this picture, we were fortunate that General McDowell himself, in the person of Dutch, was able to make a guest appearance! The uniform was made for him during the Sesquicentennial by the Manassas Museum, which generously allowed us/him to have it for this presentation.

If you would like to buy the book, it is available at:

Irvin McDowell Presentation on Facebook Tonight (Dec 9) 7 PM EST!

My co-author Frank Simione and I will be presenting a talk about our book, “Searching for Irvin McDowell, Forgotten Civil War General” this evening at the Bull Run Civil War Round Table. You can view the talk on Facebook at that Round Table’s web-site:

Hope you enjoy it!!


The paperback and ebook editions of “Civil War Tennesseans” are now available at

This book, like my previous volumes “Civil War Virginians” and “Civil War Ohioans,” looks at 50 key people, 25 on each side, and how they had an impact on the Civil War.

Like Virginia, Tennessee was divided on the issue of secession. In Virginia that led to the creation of the state of West Virginia. In Tennessee, where many in the eastern part of the state too wanted to “secede from secession,” that division led to four years of internecine conflict and many battles.

Here is the cover of the book, and I look forward to your comments and thoughts.


The tenth book in my series, “Civil War Personalities, 50 At a Time,” namely, CIVIL WAR TENNESSEANS, will be published very soon via

Like my books, Civil War Ohioans and Civil War Virginians, this volume focuses on 50 key men and women from that state, 25 on each side, who emerged during the Civil War as leaders in many directions. The fact that Tennessee was divided on the issues of secession and Union led inevitably to divisions within its populace. The term “internecine warfare” was never more apt during the Civil War than in Tennessee. There was even a serious movement by eastern Tennessee to secede from its secessionist brethren in central and western Tennessee!

Below is a photo of the cover of the book. Pictured on the cover are nine of the people in the book, from top left, Admiral David Farragut; President Andrew Johnson; Union Guerrilla leader Tinker Dave Beaty; Governor and Senator “Parson” Brownlow; the Tennessee state flag; Confederate General/Episcopal Bishop Leonidas P0lk; Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest; the statue commemorating the U.S. Colored Troops which was unveiled in October, 2021; and Carrie McGavock, the “Widow of the South.”

The book will be available at


On Sunday Nov. 14, at the beginning of my latest stint as a speaker aboard American Cruise Lines ships, I was strolling through downtown Memphis when I came upon two historical markers. They are representative of the evolving discussion of the Civil War and related matters.

The first marker, placed by the Tennessee Historical Commission on an unknown date, stated that Forrest lived on the site and that “his business enterprises made him wealthy” before the war. No details were given about those “enterprises.”

About 50 yards from that marker was another, placed in 2018 by a local church and the National Park Service, which described in detail, on both sides, those enterprises, e.g. buying and selling slaves, violating the law about importing slaves for sale, etc. etc.

Below are photos of the signs.

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center Visit

Yesterday, on the way back from a trip to Chincoteague, we stopped at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center in Cambridge, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. It was a moving experience to learn so much about this American heroine and her struggles and triumphs. Highly recommended.

The movie “Harriet,” about her life, came out a couple of years ago and was quite well done. It too was a great learning experience.

Below are pictures of me in front of the building and my two books about Civil War Women. As is only appropriate, Harriet Tubman’s picture is at the center of my first book on that topic. Enjoy!


The latest book in my series, “Civil War Personalities, 50 At a Time,” CIVIL WAR WOMEN II: STILL UNDERESTIMATED AND INDISPENSABLE, has now been published and is available at

This book follows on my earlier look at 50 important women of the Civil War era with 50 additional groundbreaking women, including Laura Towne, the key actor in “Rehearsal for Reconstruction” on the Sea Islands. Others are Vinnie Ream, the scandalous sculptress of Lincoln’s statue in Statuary Hall, Mary Meachum, Underground Railroad Conductor, Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the U.S., and famed author and Civil War nurse, Louisa May Alcott. I hope you enjoy this and the other books in the series.

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