Trailblazers and Troublemakers

I am re-sending this one with the “answers” about the people I have written about in the book.

To Repeat:  I hope to have my new book, Civil War Trailblazers and Troublemakers” out soon.  (See cover below) In the meantime, to give you a taste of what is to come in this volume, here are some hints as to which colorful personalities will be featured.  Hope my readers can figure these out:

1. Both a trailblazer and a troublemaker, he explored the West before the Civil War,  but proved to be a poor military leader.  John C. Fremont

2. Perhaps the best “Political General” for the Union, this man, according to historian T. Harry Williams, “did more than Grant or any general to win the war for the Union.” Abraham Lincoln

3. Wounded at Shiloh, this Confederate general, told by a surgeon that his leg had to be amputated, pulled a gun and disagreed with the surgeon.  He kept his leg, but walked with a limp for the rest of his life. William Bate

4. This woman, asked on what authority she was acting when assisting the wounded, replied, “On the authority of Lord God Almighty–have you anything that outranks that?”  Mary “Mother” Bickerdyke

5. This man secured several diplomatic posts after the war, but during it he was a bit less diplomatic.  As one historian wrote, “his notorious immoralities and rapacity set so demoralizing an example to his troops that the best disciplinarians among his subordinates could only mitigate its influence.”  Judson “Kill Cavalry” Kilpatrick

50 men and women who inalterably changed the civil war era



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