Pope’s Pratfalls at Second Manassas


John Pope’s many failures at Second Manassas, as well as those the previous weeks as he was unable to figure out where Lee’s army was at any particular time, are legend.  Over the weekend I strolled through the key points of the battlefield and the environs where Pope’s mistakes nearly destroyed the Army of the Potomac.  Here are some of the pictures.


They are, in order:

  1. Roadside marker of Lee and Longstreet’s advance via Thoroughfare Gap (Pope was told they were coming, but refused to believe it)
  2. Roadside marker where Lee, Longstreet, and Jackson met to plan strategy (just outside the current boundaries of the battlefield park)
  3. A park service explanation of how General Reynolds warned Pope about Longstreeet’s advance on his left and Pope’s (second) refusal to believe it.
  4. A road sign depicting Longstreet’s advance line
  5. A Park Service description of the battle atop Chinn Ridge, where the Union’s forces were overwhelmed by Longstreet’s force that Pope finally believed was there!
  6. A  monument to a New York division, the Duryee Zouaves, who held off Longstreet for a short time.
  7. A park service explanation of how the Union faced a “Vortex of Hell” atop Chinn Ridge.


Lee, Longstreet, and Jackson Meeting Marker
Lee, Longstreet, and Jackson Meeting Marker



Author: geneofva

Author of "Citizen-General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era," and of seven more Civil War books -- with more to come!!

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