Mississippi River Quiz — Prizes

Mississippi River Quiz — Prizes!

Below are two pictures I took on my recent American Cruise Lines cruise on the Mississippi — I was the Guest Speaker about the Civil War and related topics. (I also include a picture of the riverboat on which we traveled–thanks American Cruise Lines)

The first person to identify the location of the pictures, i.e. in what city, will win a prize, i.e. a free copy of my new book in the Kindle/tablet version. If you can identify, in the first picture, the name of the person exemplified in the statue, and in the second, the name of the person who inhabited that apartment where he wrote his first book, you will be applauded loudly and honored by the Facebook community. Happy quizzing! https://civilwarhistory-geneschmiel.com20190427_145134


Author: geneofva

Author of "Citizen-General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era," and of the upcoming "Lincoln, Antietam, and a Northern Lost Cause."

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