Oberlin College Visit

20181010_135955Kathryn and I visited Oberlin College on October 10, primarily to present a copy of my biography of Jacob Cox to College President Carmen Twillie Ambar, whose office is in the Jacob Cox administration building.

During a delightful chat with the President, who had been inaugurated in her position only a few days before, I noted that I first arrived in Oberlin almost 50 years before to begin the research for my doctoral dissertation.  The Oberlin College archives, then in Bosworth Hall, were the home of Jacob Cox’s papers, and I spent many months roaming through his writings and those of his many famous correspondents.

Below are pictures of our meeting, as well as of the Cox building.  Note that in the third photo, I am looking at the portrait of Charles Finney.  He was Oberlin’s second president, and a prominent evangelist and abolitionist of the early 19th century.  He was also Jacob Cox’s father-in-law.  At the bottom of that photo is a copy of the Oberlin Review noting President Ambar’s inauguration.


Author: geneofva

Author of "Citizen-General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era," and of the upcoming "Lincoln, Antietam, and a Northern Lost Cause."

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